BerlinMiniJam June 2015: Don’t mine me

A top down maze game for 4 players on a unique arcade table.

Don’t Mine Me is a competitive top down maze for 4 players on a unique table, with one screen in the middle and 4 buttons on each side. Two players form a team and have to control one character to collect the objects in the labyrinth faster than the other team. Within the maze there are traps which explode and each team can place own traps too.

In this MiniGameJam we wanted to try something new. So we decided to create a game for the self-made arcade cabinet constructed by a team member. And since we hadn’t created a multiplayer game for some time and the arcade cabinet offers such a design we built a 2 vs. 2 multiplayer game.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t present the game using the arcade cabinet. But in the gallery you can have a look how it looks like.

At the end we ported the game to Mac OS X and Windows so that it can be played with the keyboard.