Dragon Ball Dash – Happy Birthday Hong

Fly through the sky while and defeat well known rivals of Son Goku and collect the 7 Dragon Balls.

I just wanted to make another game in a kinda Game Jam style again. When I remember a friends birthday is coming closer I came up with the idea to create this game.

At the beginning I focused on digging into Strange IoC and DOTween for Unity, both available in the Unity Asset Store.

I started designing and collecting resources on Friday 30th October and completed the last few things on Monday 2nd November.

It was really fun. I think I will try to get inspiration from real life events more often.


Further Credits

Music YUI : Happy Birthday To You
Uploaded by The SouL

Background music
Karaoke Version of Cha-La Head Cha-La
Uploaded by GokuSSJDios

All sprites from: Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure
Downloaded on: spriters-resource.com and spritedatabase.net

Thanks to the uploader and ripper.