Goodgame Studios: A Little Lost

A Little Lost – Solve fun and delicious puzzles and join the cutest little adventure EVER!

Play the new puzzle game for free! Enjoy thousands of exciting levels and meet the cute creatures called Littles on your journey.

I joined the development team in October 2015 and helped out polishing the game and implementing new features. For me, this project was the first global released game with such a big scale. It was challenging and fun to work with so many experienced, talented and open-minded people.

Among other tasks, I helped out with the user interface, the Littles’ animations and offers.


  • Solve match 3 puzzles with your Littles
  • Reveal the Littles in a special game mode
  • All well-known match 3 combos
  • Beautifully animated level map backgrounds
  • Highscore system to play with your friends


Big Adventures Start Small…
Once upon a time, there were Littles. Some were blue, some were red, some had wings and some had fur – and they lived happily together in a sweet world of tranquillity and peace.
But one day, the frightened Littles found themselves torn from their parents’ arms.
Can you help them find their way home? It’s up to you to save them all. Join the adventure!

Let the cute animals help you crush fruits and candy.
Help these pets match and switch sweet bubbles to drop great combos.
Have fun in this amazing new free casual game!