mobivention: Hangman Hero

Be a hero and rescue Hangman!

Forget pen and paper and play Hangman Hero on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Guess all 1500 missing words from 11 categories. Funny animations and sounds help you finding your way through this macabre adventure.

Hangman was my first iOS game I created. Multiple libraries from colleagues had been used to improve the workflow. For instance, advertisement and a shop
screen only needed to be implemented once.


  • 1 and 2 player mode
  • 11 wod packages
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Hint function
  • High score tracking
  • 7 language
  • GameCenter integration
  • In-App Purchases integration
  • Advertisement integration
  • Social Media integration


  • Around 200.000 downloads in a month
  • 1st place in word games
  • 2nd place in family games
  • 5th place in free games
  • 9th place free apps
  • “Computer Bild Aktion” 3/13 and 11/2013
  • Featuring from “”