Games Academy 1st Game: PongJutsu

A Pong variation where the 2 players are ninjas and use tactical items to destroy their enemy’s memorial.

PongJutsu is a cross-platform PvP Arcade-Remix with the mechanics and the view of PONG, but with two Shurikens, where the players are ninjas in the medieval Japan. Use tactical items and try to destroy your enemies’ memorials to dishonor their ancestors and weaken your enemy.

PongJutsu had been created within my 1st semester at the Games Academy. We needed to develop a game which was based on Pong.

The team of 5 consisted of 1 programmer, 1 artist, 1 producer and 2 game designer. I took the role of the Vision Keeper and Lead Game Designer. I also implemented a dynamic game flow to increase the overall gameplay experience.


Core Features

  • Pong with 2 balls in the form of shuriken
  • Dynamic game flow which matches the gameplay situation
  • Interactive background music with multiple intensity levels
  • 6 items for tactical strategies
  • Combo system which increases the Arcade feeling
  • Fluid menu transitions without loading time
  • Game statistics for more transparency
  • Best-of-Three matches to maximize intensity of the game flow


Left Player Right Player XBox Controller
Move W, S Up, Down Up, Down
Attack D Left X, A
Dash A Right RT, RB, LT, LB
Pause Esc - Menu
Back Esc - B